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plum puddling cake

Chocolate Plum Spice Cake

I decided to get a bit inventive by using mixed spice and plum compote when doing a scale-up test of the chocolate sponge for my black forest cake. As a result I created a chocolate plum spice cake that was very nice indeed. If you have a  cake recipe that you love and consistently rely…

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no fry Indian samosas

No Fry Zone

Recently I made an Indian feast of basmati rice, rogan josh, vegetable curry, onion sambal and raita. While refreshing my spice stocks at the local Indian grocery store I also bought some papadums to complete the spread. On checking how best to deep fry them I discovered that  you don’t have to; you can cook…

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green tea roll cake

Matcha Roll Cake

The Japanese generally don’t have sweets, particularly after dinner like we do in the West, but what is very popular are desserts made using matcha or powdered green tea. Green tea icecream is widely enjoyed by locals and tourists alike at specialist icecream parlours near parks and temples as well as the cheaper, take-home versions…

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my hazelnut raspberry torte

High Country Hazelnuts

Fresh hazelnuts are lovely in both sweet and savoury foods. Buying locally-grown, in season, nuts is the best way to enjoy them and we are lucky that Victoria has its own little bit of Northern Italy right in the King Valley and surrounds, where hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts are grown, along with wine grapes and…

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Artichoke and Chard Quiche

Seasonal vegetables, artichokes and Swiss chard, are perfect contenders for a quiche filling. This quiche requires a little vegetable preparation but the pastry I use makes this an easy, 30 minute baking step. Making quiches with shortcrust pastry can be a bit tricky as you generally have bake the pastry blind and then fill it…

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