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Artichoke and Chard Quiche

Seasonal vegetables, artichokes and Swiss chard, are perfect contenders for a quiche filling. This quiche requires a little vegetable preparation but the pastry I use makes this an easy, 30 minute baking step. Making quiches with shortcrust pastry can be a bit tricky as you generally have bake the pastry blind and then fill it…

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Mushroom Risotto With Truffle Butter

It’s wild mushroom time again and pine mushrooms and slippery jacks provide perfect flavour and texture for a risotto. But if you want to raise the bar another notch, a mushroom risotto finished with some truffle butter can add a wonderful  extra dimension to your mushroom taste experience.  Truffle butter is subtle, adding that special…

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Halloumi Pies

Halloumi is a popular Cypriot cheese that is served dusted with flour and fried to molten, golden deliciousness and rushed to the table with a wedge of lemon for immediate consumption. Left to get cold on the plate significantly reduces the appeal of this dish. There are however other ways to enjoy halloumi, even once…

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Viennese curd cake

Viennese Quark Cake

Quark is starting to get some prominence in the supermarket with the launch of the product by Barambah Organics.   Schultz Organic Dairy, a long time producer of quark, is also more available in supermarkets. Quark is a European style cottage cheese that is much creamier than the drier cottage cheese we are used to…

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chicken gizzard salad

Salade de Gesiérs

Salade de Gesiérs  is so widespread in eateries in the Occitanie, between the Pyrenees and the Massif Central, it is hard not to eat it at some point in your travels in this southern region of France. I use the French, Salade de Gesiérs, since the English equivalent, gizzard salad, does not quite have the…

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