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Early Autumn is a great time to get fresh celeriac that is really moist and tender enough to eat raw in a salad. You can use it in this classic remoulade or pair it with grated apples, parsley, roasted hazelnuts, hazelnut oil and lemon juice for a fruitier salad. Ingredients half a celeriac (approx 650…

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sticky pear pie

Sticky, Spiced Pear Pie

This is an oldie but a goodie recipe for pear pie – it’s filled with juicy pears and lots of spice and a sticky brown sugar sauce. If your pears have just gone yellow and are ripe don’t worry just cut them into large segments and they wont go mushy on cooking in this pie….

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my luxe pizza

A Luxe Pizza – Zucchini Flowers & Burrata

Rather than stuffing and deep frying, a lovely alternative way to eat zucchini flowers is to tear and scatter them on a pizza. I have added burrata (mozarella skin filled with cream and pieces of stretched curds) to this gourmet pizza but you could also use bocconcini or just use crème fraîche.  makes 2 large pizzas…

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gilled vegetables-open sandwich

Mediterranean Lunchtime Sandwich

Lunch can often be the most difficult meal to deal with. Either you are bored to death with the offerings around your place of work or healthy but tasty options are not available. Maybe you are spending way too much money for lunches but when you make your own sandwiches they are a bit dull….

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Baharat – Middle Eastern Spice Mix

Baharat is a versatile spice blend for meats, fish and vegetables. Rub generous amounts onto meat with olive oil before barbecuing or on fish before baking. Sprinkle over cauliflower florets with olive oil before roasting.  Where possible grind or grate spices fresh from seeds or pods. Larger batches can be stored in the freezer in…

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