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figs on french toast

Marinated Grilled Figs on French Toast

This is a decadent brunch or desert using fresh summer figs but it could equally be made with grilled or roasted stone fruit, berries or poached pears in the autumn. Thyme is a somewhat neglected herb which tends to be tossed into stews. Here it is able to shine, enhancing the flavour of the figs….

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burrata panzanella salad

A Simple Panzanella Salad with Burrata

This salad uses a luscious burrata (mozarella skin filled with cream and pieces of stretched curds) as the centerpiece of a panzanella salad. Ingredients 1 thick slice of sourdough extra virgin olive oil 3-4 very ripe tomatoes basil leaves 1 burrata (125 g) salt and freshly ground black pepper Tear the bread into small pieces…

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summer mushroom salad

A Summer Mushroom Salad

The mix of mushrooms and variation in their preparation results in a salad with interesting textures – the kings retain a meaty texture after barbequing, the shiitake are cooked two ways to get a char-flavoured firmer texture and a softer sauteed texture, while the enoki are always served raw for crunch. Ingredients 2 king mushrooms…

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cured salmon

Curing Salmon – Gravlax

Ask the fishmonger to cut a side of salmon off the whole fish for you. You can prepare about half a side (450 g) or the whole side depending on how much you think you will use. 460 g salmon 22g cooking salt 24 g sugar 2 tsp fennel seed, ground 1/2 bunch dill, chopped…

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skinning tomatoes

Skinning Tomatoes Made Easy

A lot of recipes for tomato sugo involve skinning them first. I find the best way to do this quickly and efficiently is to pour boiling water over them, leave for 1 minute, drain and then cut the tomato in half. You can then easily pinch off the skins and when cool enough to handle,…

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