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sesame chocolate chip biscuit

Chocolate Sesame Biscuits

These chocolate sesame biscuits have a really nice crunch with chocolate sweetness and a slightly savoury, nuttiness from the toasted sesame seeds. You can use white or black sesame seeds or a combination of both.  They take very little time to prepare as everything is mixed in a food processor. The stiff dough is formed…

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Elizabeth chocolate zucchini cake

Forgotten Zucchini Cake

There are many recipes on the internet for zucchini cake as these vegetables tend to get out of hand in the garden and sometimes a real bruiser emerges that is either destined for the compost heap or a relative who lives in an apartment. Presented last week with one the size of a small baseball…

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cold poached tongue

Beef Tongue

Poaching meat and eating it cold is a great dinner solution for hot summer days and feeding groups of people. Matched with a tasty sauce, home made aioli or herb mayonnaise and a salad, poached meat makes a very enjoyable meal. Recently I poached some veal girello for vitello tonnato to eat at a beach house…

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Vitello Tonnato For Hot Summer Days

Vitello Tonnato is a lovely dish of thin slices of poached veal served cold with a tuna sauce.  It is one of those classic Italian dishes that sadly I haven’t encountered very much in Australia. However, Gertrude Street Enoteca routinely has it on their menu and it goes perfectly with a glass of white wine,…

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Mango Chia Pudding

Mango chia pudding is a great combination of luscious fruit and a super food, both grown locally in Northern Australia. Chia originated in Mexico and its status as a super food, while sometimes exaggerated, is certainly impressive. Chia has high levels of fibre (34%), calcium (5 x milk calcium), omega-3 fatty acids (18%) as well…

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