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Agnolotti Del Plin

I really enjoy making fresh pasta and gnocchi and over the years I have become pretty good at whipping these up without any fuss but filled pasta, like ravioli, I’ve been less successful with. My attempts at ravioli have been plagued with filling leakages and size variations that would make most Nonnas weep. Invited to…

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my cucina povera / Roman pasta

A Roman Villa And Cucina Povera

Cucina povera, Italian for poor kitchen, is not so much poor as imaginative as it involves creating something really tasty out of a few simple ingredients. The ability to conjure something out of foraged or left over ingredients that is thoughtful and heartwarming always inspires me and it was on a trip to Sicily that…

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scattered sushi bowl

Chirashi In Autumn

As the autumn leaves begin to scatter in the wind, I am reminded of a November visit to Japan where I not only enjoyed the changing colours of the trees but a visit to the famous Tokyo fish market where I encountered chirashi. Chirashi means scattered, a descriptive name for unassembled sushi served in a…

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calamari stuffed

Stuffed Calamari

Stuffed calamari is one of my all time favorites, so whenever I see smaller calamari, about the size of my hand, I buy them for this dish; big ones are not quite as tender and are too much for one person to eat. Calamari are a very Melbourne thing, they are plentiful in the bay…

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Easter mouna buns

Mouna Buns For Easter

Instead of hot cross buns this Easter bake mouna buns, an orange flavoured brioche bun from Oran, Algeria instead. An Easter bun in Algeria might sound a little strange but mouna buns are thought to have been introduced by the Spanish after the establishment of a fort in Oran in the 15th century or sometime…

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