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red and one Glenora green tomatoes

Tomatoes And The Genetics Of Flavour

Flavour in all food is something we detect using both our sense of taste and smell. When we are sick or are aging we can lose these senses and as a result find eating less enjoyable than it should be.  But in the case of modern commercial varieties of tomatoes you don’t have to be…

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10 commandments of the real Mediterranean diet

A traditional Mediterranean diet has been shown to have significant health benefits. But can you follow it if you live nowhere near a Greek island? Read More: 10 commandments of the real Mediterranean diet Source: ABC Health & Wellbeing By Cathy Johnson

Agriculture hub planned for Melbourne’s West

A region in Melbourne’s outer western perimeter near Melton is set to become home to one of Australia’s most exciting developments in peri-urban agribusiness. In mid-2016, China’s Fucheng Investment group purchased the last available section of the Baillieu family’s Woodhouse Station in Melbourne’s outer west for AUD $100 million. Fucheng Investment has now announced the…

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roast stuffed poussin

Dinner For One

Christmas dinner for one can be a bit tricky if you want a traditional roast meal. While you can get a piece of a bird to roast it’s not quite the same as having a whole roast with a delicious stuffing and all the trimmings. There is a simple solution for a roast dinner for…

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miso glazed fish

Simple Everyday Japanese Cooking

I thoroughly enjoyed my three weeks in Japan.  A long time fan of Japanese cuisine, I was not disappointed with any food I experienced and was blown away by the quality and care taken, particularly with seafood. Sashimi and sushi will never be the same again and I wonder at all that slightly old fish,…

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