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Discovering Melbourne's Artisan Foods and Produce

coloured caulies

Colourful Caulies

Colourful caulies, like these purple and orange ones I recently bought at the Abbotsford Convent Farmers’ Market are popping up at markets this year.  If you are not content with regular white caulies, grab a purple, orange, yellow or a vibrant green broccoflower and put some colour on the dinner table over winter. The broccoflower…

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truffled scrambled eggs

Local Fresh Truffles Becoming A Craze

Now is the time to buy some local fresh truffles. There are a few producers around Melbourne now selling their little fungal gems at farmers’ markets, online or as part of a truffle hunt, tasting and cooking masterclass package. Black Cat Truffles, Black Truffle Harvest and Yarra Valley Truffles are just a few producers of…

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pine mushrooms

Pine Mushrooms In Season

Wild pine mushrooms are currently available from farmers’ markets. Pine mushrooms or saffron milk caps (Lactarius deliciosus) are a large, brightly coloured mushroom with a mildly tangy flavour.  As the name suggests, they have a yellow to orange milky sap and are delicious. Their firm texture lends itself to a variety of cooking methods but…

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barmah pomegranates

Pomegranates From Barmah

It is great to see Victorian farmers growing more and more interesting stuff, including exotic fruits like pomegranates.  The prices are much the same as the imported ones from the USA, so there is no excuse other than to buy local. You will see more Australian pomegranates in supermarkets and grocers now but check the…

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autumn pumpkins

Autumn A Season For Food Lovers

Autumn truly is a season for food lovers. Apart from all the produce that lends itself to robust, slow cooking, the weather is usually perfect for languid, food laden picnics. Nature can also put on a bit of a show wherever exotic trees are planted and the lake at Daylesford and surrounding area was a…

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