Red Bananas

The red banana or Red Dacca is a relatively unknown banana variety for Melbourne shoppers. I was lucky enough to be introduced to red bananas by Julian, owner of  Senserrick Green Grocer and I must say it has been hard to go back to the Cavendish and Lady Finger after tasting these. Red bananas are much sweeter, have a very creamy texture and a slight flavour of mango. At around $8 a kilogram they are not the cheapest bananas but if you are a Queenslander or lover of tropical fruits and miss that taste of ripe fruit one only seems to get in situ then you will love these. They are a cooler climate variety, so the slow growing seems to increase their sugar production. Red bananas also have a higher beta-carotene and vitamin C content than other varieties.  Wait until the skin turns a dull brick red then the flesh will be fully ripe. If your local green grocer doesn’t have red bananas ask them and I am sure they will be happy to oblige and get some in for you.